The Latest Best Oil and Gas Jobs You Can Apply For In Nigeria


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There is no much dream come true for anybody more than an appointment letter from an oil company in Nigeria. Believe it or not many Nigerian undergraduates eye those high employment oppurtunities even when they just only started their programs.

This job sector is the grandfather of all employment oppurtunities in the country much due to the high pay that is rewarded any services there. The services needed by these comanies can be categorized below:

1. Upstream Company: The upstream sector is the first phase in oil production. It includes well exploration, drilling and operation.

The upstream sector is primarily concerned with finding and utilizing the available petroleum supply. Advances in technology allow geologists to not only locate more oil fields, but it also allows them to access fields that were previously inaccessible.

Technological advances in upstream have also allowed geologists and scientists to determine “dry” holes earlier, thus minimizing the wasted time and money to explore these places further. Upstream technology is also crucial to increase the total production of oil from existing wells.

2. The Midstream sector: This involves the transportation (by pipeline, rail, barge, oil tanker or truck), storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products. The midstream sector is primarily concerned with the transportation of oil and natural gas from the extraction site to the refineries.

Transporting raw oil and natural gas is a highly technical process that involves compressing the fluids to necessary pressures in order to be transported through pipelines or on tankers from offshore drilling sites.

The midstream sector is also responsible for treating raw materials in order to remove impurities such as water vapor or hydrogen sulfide. Removing impurities and compressing the fluids helps maximize the amount of oil and natural gas that can be transported.

3. The Downstream sector: This sector is responsible for final processing, product distribution and marketing. The processing of crude oil into finished products like asphalt, lubricants, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals is the duty of the downstream sector.

It is also where supply meets demand and where customers meet companies. Downstream also includes marketing, customer service and strategic planning for the sale and distribution of finished products. 

Career options for engineers

1. Drilling Engineers: These engineers apply aerial reconnaissance, magnetometers and seismic surveys to locate oil and gas reservoirs. These professionals specify the appropriate equipment and materials used in order to ensure safe, cost-efficient and environmentally conscious drilling. Other duties include estimating potential costs and risks, designing schematics and reviewing performance.

2.Production Engineers: Production engineers use the best strategy to extract petroleum while maximizing profits and lowering operating expenses. Engineers take samples of reservoir rock, monitor production and ascertain the effect of production on the reservoir. 

These professionals might also be responsible for working with third parties, such as service companies and regulatory agencies. 

3. Reservoir Engineers: Reservoir engineers use advanced computer and mathematical models to predict future production. These professionals use geological data and reservoir simulation studies to forecast how much oil can be extracted.

4. Sales Engineers: These professionals work with area or regional managers to develop new accounts, as well as with existing customers. These engineers have strong knowledge in customer service, equipment repair and new products. Sales engineers need to be able to communicate effectively with clients.

Requirements Needed For A Career In The Oil and Gas Sector

₹ Successful completion of examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects, is the minimum eligibility criteria required to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering.
₹ One must also pass the qualifying entrance exam of the particular institute or AIEEE, or JEE (Joint Entrance Exam).
₹ Must have minimum of two to three years experience in the oil and gas sector.
₹ Must have a good knowledge of computer.
₹ Must be able to speak English fluently. Must possess team spirit.
₹ Must have a friendly and polite personality and character.

How To Apply For Oil And Gas Job

Vacancies are usually posted online to enable interested and qualified applicants to apply. Stay alert to the Recruitment section of this forum.

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