The budget sports pay-TV providers with the cheapest sports packages in Nigeria,Africa


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Satellite TV is simply the reception of television broadcasts via services that utilize man-made technology. Other than basic television broadcast, the satellite form of TV reception offers trilling but cheap broadcasts. These broadcasts are effected by broadcast companies of which each consists of different distinct satellite companies.

Certain companies like the DSTV are known brands in this sphere of entertainment. Nigeria, according to basic data records the cheapest price of Pay-TV subscription in Africa and other international nations. This effect might not be felt because of hardship biting hard on Nigerians but going on today's [ day of publication] Nigeria naira to US $ exchange rate, it might not be concluded better. Nigerians aside south Africa and other African countries down the lane has a large percentage of Pay- TV subscribers.

Maybe due to the fact that Nigeria is the hub of satellite TV users in Africa, DSTV distinctively has the least Pay TV price ( DStv Nigeria premium - N15,800($43.3)). There is a reverse of this phenomenon in other nations like in the US where Sky American Directv cost from $110(#38,000).

Cheapest sports PayTV in Africa

As stated aforehand, the cost of cable tv subscription outside Africa is more expensive than what is obtainable in Africa(Asia aside).  Example, Sky American Directv cost from $110(#38,000), Sky UK complete cost around £79(#38,000). Also in Australia, the cost of cable tv subscription is around AUD 75 ($55). However, in African countries, Satellite TV isn't that cheap. DStv premium in Zimbabwe = $65 (#23,400)
DStv compact in Zimbabwe cost
$25 The chad republic pays $82 for the premium subscription and $29 for compact.
The price of DStv premium in South Africa is Djibouti also pays $82 for DStv premium and $29 for the compact sub.

By the way, DStv Nigeria premium subscription whose cost we afore mentioned is the overall cheapest full package subscription in Africa. beIN Sports complete package($45 around $16,200) comes the second in this, and the 3rd position is canal+ and tout by canal Africa which cost $71.12( about #25,000) per months.

DStv Africa

DStv ( Digital Satellite Television ), according to Wikipedia is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice . They provide multiple channels and services to their subscribers of over 11.9 million. The majority of subscribers are in South Africa and Nigeria , Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ethiopia, The Peoples Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Swaziland and Botswana.

DStv Nigerians subscription packages:
These might be liable to changes:

→ DStv premium: #15,800 ($43)
Compact plus: #10,650
DStv compact: #6,800($18) this is their basic EPL and La Liga package
→ DStv family: 4000
→ Access: 2000
 → DStv FTA Plus: #1600
→ DStv Indian: 5400
→ Great Wall African bouquet: #1000

DStv multichoice subscription fees in sub-Sahara African countries:

→ DStv premium in Zimbabwe = $65 (#23,400)
→ DStv compact in Zimbabwe cost $25
→ The chad republic pays $82 for the premium subscription and $29 for compact.
→ The price of DStv premium in South Africa is Djibouti also pays $82 for DStv premium and $29 for the compact sub.
→ DStv Mega subscription in Angola is AKZ13400 ($52). This is equivalent to #18,720
→ Ethiopia pay $80 for premium and $33 for the compact subscription.
→ In the Benin Republic, DStv premium goes for $82 while compact is $29
→DStv premium in Ghana is GHS330 ($69/#24,800) While compact is:
→ Kenya pays KES7900($79) for premium and KES3200($32) for compact
→ DStv premium in South Africa cost R809( $60.1 , #21,000) .
→ In Seychelles, they pay $88 for premium and $29 for compact
→ Liberia pays to DStv $82 for premium and $29 for compact.

beIN Sports

According to wikipedia beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels owned and operated by beIN Media Group , a spinoff of Al Jazeera Media Network. This is a popular sports broadcasting in part of America, Europe, Asia and MENA.  The African counties where beIN is officially available to include: Algeria, Chad , Egypt,
Djibouti , Libya, Mauritania, Morrocco , Somalia ,
Sudan, Tunisia. It can, however, be received outside the official countries like in Uganda, Nigeria by using a 4 meter dish. The two main beIN package include:

→ beIN Sports cheapest sports package: This consists of all their sports channels plus every channel in their access package. This package cost about
$25(around #9000)
2. beIN Sports Elite is their ultimate package. It costs around $45 (#16,200).

Canalplus Afrique

Canal+ ( Canal Plus , is a French premium cable television channel launched in 1984. It is 100% owned by the Canal+ Group .

The countries where canal plus Afrique have right to broadcast include cover mostly French-speaking West Africa countries like Congo, cot d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Djibouti, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria(only none EPL channels), Burundi, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Gabon, Chad, Togo, Mauritania and so on.

The main package here include:
→ Canal+ (Sports only package): this cost CFA10000($17.7 equivalent to #6440
→ Canal and Envision+ (Sports movies and all) 202 Channels, radio and services: 20k 12,881.22 ($35.56) includes 2 Adult movies
→ Tout Carnal+ (full package equivalent to DStv premium/mega) 220 CHannels: 40000 fcfa 25,762 ($71.12)

Kwese Tv

 Kwese doesn’t have multiple packages. It actually has an all-in-one package which includes sports and other programs. Currently, kwese TV subscription Cost #6,275 ($18). They also offer a pay-as-you-watch satellite TV service. Countries, where kwese tv are legally allowed to broadcast, include Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland
Kwese Tv Sports channels subscriptions:


Startimes TV unique (#3,800) contains: Fox Sports, fox sports 1, 2, trace sports, euro sports news, star sports 2, nta sports 24. It is one of the most cheapest Pay TV provider in the country.

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