How and When to accept admission on JAMB CAPS


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How and When to accept admission on JAMB CAPS
Posted on: August 27, 2018, 01:10:15 AM
Keying into the words of the famous leader, Olusegun Obasanjo who said ‘ If you think Education is expensive, then try ignorance’, Nigerian students are constantly on the push for this education no matter the cost of it. These admission slots are most a times given in a complicated manner in honor of the federal character principle. This is a method ( preferably law) which mandates privileges in the country to be shared between the different nations(parts) of the country as depicts a true federal state. Nigerian federal institutions are much obliged to hold this principle than state and private ones.

That may be a factor why Nigerian admission slots are becoming scarce but there are dozens of them. Another is the monetization of these slots which suit the rich. Their ways into institutions rather than take the main gate. These and more have made the admission into institutions of higher learning a serious process.

JAMB 'CAPS' is an abbreviation for the 'Central Admission Processing System'. This is an entirely automated system used by JAMB to automate certain admission in Nigerian Tertiary institutions processes. It acts like a sort of a marketplace where prospective undergraduates search for institutions of admission. Institutions nationwide key in their requirements and basis of admission and are said to operate totally automatic.

Nearing the time to a new academic session ( usually weeks after UTME),  JAMB opens this part of their portal for admission seekers to check their admission status and thereby either accept or reject it. Getting an admission on the JAMB CAPS platform doesn't necessarily mean one automatically gotten admission to the institution. One has to exercise patience until the main list issued by the institution applied for is out. Some students obtain their required admission at the institution but weren't given so on CAPS. This can be rectified by informing your institution of such development.

Steps To Check Your 2018/19 Admission Status In Caps Portal

The steps involved in this is simple. The zeal of getting admission in Nigeria by undergrads is normal that is why the following steps that would be listed below are very comprehensive and to the point. The steps are »

1. Ensure you have an active data bundle.
2. Open your fav. browser (Preferably, Google Chrome, Firefox).
3. Visit the jamb caps admission checking portal on Your details including Jamb score, institution, date of birth, etc will appear when you have successfully logged in to the Jamb caps portal.
4. Scroll down to check
CAPS UTME/DE Admission status.
5. Click on the UTME/DE Admission button to check and accept/reject your 2018 status of admission.
 If you are given admission and you like the school then click on accept admission. However, if the institution and course space are blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Just keep checking back.

 Be very careful not to accept admission when you are not offered.
6. Once you accept the admission offered you then your admission door is closed for that year.

Not Admitted In My Jamb Caps Portal/Market Place

This should be a frequent experience to a zealous admission seeker. Numerous times you checked on CAP, the 'Admission in progress' notification will be displayed. If you see not admitted yet in your Jamb Caps market place it means your school hasn’t started giving admission and all you have to do is close the page and keep checking back. Don’t click on the accept admission TAB.

When your school of choice releases her admission list, you will not only see the “ACCEPT” icon but also a ‘DECLINE’ icon. You are enjoined not to click on the ‘ACCEPT’ icon until you receive an admission notification from your institution of choice.

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What If I Mistakenly Accept Admission In My Caps Portal?

If you mistakenly accepted admission when you have not been offered admission by any school yet wouldn't affect anything about your admission as far as you didn't decline or accept an admission given by the school you applied for. If it's later, then it means that your door of admission for that year has closed.

While accessing JAMB's CAPS, it's necessary you are careful while surfing through it as you bear in mind what a wrong click can do to your admission chances. Good luck!

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Re: How and When to accept admission on JAMB CAPS
#1 Posted on: October 14, 2018, 10:37:52 PM
Dear drealup, I mistakenly accept wrong course on jamb caps. Please what can I do.


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Re: How and When to accept admission on JAMB CAPS
#2 Posted on: November 22, 2018, 12:32:52 AM
Dear drealup, I mistakenly accept wrong course on jamb caps. Please what can I do.

There is no going back then. Try JAMB again

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