(Webmasters) Share your Experience on Jumia App Only Promotion

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(Webmasters) Share your Experience on Jumia App Only Promotion
Posted on: December 04, 2018, 11:00:12 AM
Well you might not fully understand what I meant by Jumia App only promo but am simply referring to the just concluded Jumia black Friday, the real name of the promo should be APP ONLY not Black Friday but all the same we are going to discuss further about this promo and I will be pleased to hear you one point of view.

Let not forget that before the promo I predicted that bloggers are going to make lesser money Here but I might be wrong because if I don't make enough maybe someone will still make more, the only way to find out is when you share your own experience during the Jumia App only promo called Black Friday.

For me, I am not that old nor new in Jumia affiliate marketing but this App only promo is the worst I have seen when compared to last year or maybe previous years but am sure it will still be the best promo for some promoters who made good cash.

I called the Promo APP ONLY because Jumia are just using me and you to build a new business model that will never be of any benefit to affiliate marketers in the long run.

Example, When you send someone to Jumia app only promo page only for him to see that the flash sale, so-called treasure hunt, and other attractive offers are only available when you download and use Jumia App, then how does that benefit you as a marketer.

When someone clicked your affiliate link using a computer only to discover that all the goodies are being offered through Jumia mobile app then what do you think that will happen, he will simply pick his phone and download the app and start shopping then I wonder how you as an affiliate marketer should benefit from such.

Recently I saw that they have started another App only promo called Christmas sale playing the same game but I will never be part of such promo and I wish the promoters good luck after all Jumia is just a supplement to my business and not my main source of income.

I have decided to promote Jumia product through a direct product link so that I will have a little chance of getting rewarded than promoting any Jumia App only promo that will never be of any benefit to me and my business.

It's just my own opinion and thinking so you are free to promote Jumia as you wish and I wish you all the luck but am not afraid to say the truth which might not even be the same in your own case.

Any Jumia promo that has anything to do with APP ONLY will never be promoted by me no matter how attractive it looks

Yes, Jumia has every right to play their own game in their own way but not forcing people to download App when they fully know that at least 30-40% of the visitors come through affiliate promotion.

Another game that Jumia plays is that when you review a product and such product starts selling well maybe because people like it and searching for it, the next thing they will do is to set Google ads immediately on top of Google search but I don’t blame them because most of the e-commerce plays the same game

My word to Jumia

I always regard and tag Jumia as the best and biggest African online shopping mall and you guys are trying to stay on top of the game but I am boldly saying no to APP ONLY promotion until you people start normal promotion.
Visitors with desktops and Laptop are the people who shop easily than visitors with opera-mini but right now you are forcing everyone to download your mobile app and I said no to such aggressive promotion model, though who am I to question the biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria and the whole of Africa but let the truth be told.

I will be happy to see other great bloggers/webmasters that promote Jumia product and services sharing their one opinion so that these guys can sit up.


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I totally agree with you. 100%

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