3 Tips On How To Make Good Grades In Nigerian Universities


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3 Tips On How To Make Good Grades In Nigerian Universities
Posted on: July 21, 2019, 01:00:42 AM
Learning is a day to day process but adaptation facilitates education.

In schools of higher learning, 'examination' is one the most dreaded word due to it's dislike by most students. Most people hate an examination because of the rude aftermaths it always leaves.

You can change the narratives once you decide to. However conceding to the first sentence of this piece, i have to restate that with total commitment from a student, the best can be gotten in exams.

Universities are the most popular vocational learning centres and after the tutoring done there, the next big thing expected is assessment and examinations. In some of these institutions stictness is upheld and hardly is there any shortcut to success aside reading for exams. Even if it were lax, you can't get an excellent result maneovering from the back end. It's of no much need discussing the side effects of resorting to bribing for marks and aswell, the benefits of making good results excellently as they are obviously known.

Tips to getting excellent results

Below are three ways and guildlines to transforming yourself into a natural bookworm!

1. Develop passion and goals: Before every semester, a serious minded student is expected to draw his/her goals and targets. This creates a fervents surge to complete these goals expecially when the feeling of unseriousness sets in.

It should be done this way! Start by knowing your CGPA, learn how to calculate your CGPA. If you are in the early part of your study - better, write down your semester courses with their credit units. Start tagging grades to the courses according to your ability not ignoring the fact that you are on for a new challenge!

Once done with that, add up the unit points and foresee what your GPA might look like - it should be glittering right? With that in mind, grow passion for these courses and set your schedules to be in tandem with them. You are on course for something great!

2. Avoid distractions and seek help from senior colleagues: One of the greatest failure wiles is distractions and enjoyment. During my first semester in my programme, i spent most of my hours basking in movie viewing thinking it's lessening stress.

It did lessen it but i went too far, and soon grow used to be a concurrent movie freak. It went well with my recreation life but not with my studies. My performance was low and painfully regrettable.

To guide against anything of this nature with your academic life, smell out your attractions(the things you are passionable after). Some might be gaming, some football etc, Don't let them overwhelm you, show maturity at all times as any slip might prove disastrous.

Aside your passions, another big distraction on campus is boy-and-girl relationship. To be on a safer side, don't entertain any sexual moves. Friends are great to get but that of the opposite sex should just be casual.

Senior colleagues who are one or more levels higher than you are very important in your academic pursuit. It is your duty to ask them queries about how to go about each courses and activities. This is one the secrets high performing students utilize.

3. Study wide with pasts questions: As a result-driven student, you should inculcate yourself with the passion to study at all times. One of the best study techniques is doing such with a 'scheme of work' or syllabus. The syllabus for a particular course defines the confines of such course. It is therefore required that you study broadly those topics in the scheme. The library contains materials to help you out in any course.

Past questions helps in determining the pattern and possibly, the likelihood of the questions to be asked in exam. Get hold of as many pastquestions you can get and start testing yourself early. Study hard and long into nights and eliminate any low-self exteem thought. You might not really see the pains of an A-grade students who study late into the night but their results.

Try not to envy them but learn from them. Transmit your pains into results when called upon to do so that lastly you may resound "Veni, Vidi, Vici." - "He came, he saw, he conquered!"
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