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Some days ago a debate popped up in one of the Facebook bloggers group which I belong to. The debate is whether it's good for new bloggers to choose blogging and digital marketing as their first choice niche or should they start with a different niche to learn about blogging before teaching others.

Well, for those who don't understand what meant by blogging and digital marketing niche, for bloggers you already know that blogging is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web that includes single, frequently informal text entries in the style of a diary. When your blog specialized in Blogging tips and online marketing then it involves teaching about blogging, sharing of ideas on blogging tools social media marketing, and Webhosting.

According to the debate, some people still believe that anyone can start a blog on any niche from the very beginning with or without any experience but I disagree and I am going to explain why later on this post. However, you can build your blog on any niche that pleases you but not blogging niche since you don't even know much about blogging.

What do I mean by niche blog

It will be an injustice if I don't explain this, I have used the term niche couple of times but if you are not a blogger you will not understand what I meant by the word "Niche". Niche is used to classify a blog and to determine the category it belongs to. a Blog teaching how to blog and other related blogging tips are classified as a blogging niche, A blog sharing health and drugs-related guide is classified as a health niche blog while a blog set up to guide people on loans and savings can be called a finance niche blog.

Now, you understand what the term niche represents in blogging but there are two types of niche blogs popularly known as general or multiple niche blogs and topical niche blogs.

General or multiple niche blogs

General blogs also known as multiple niche blogs are those blogs that write and discuss different topics in one blog or should I say a blog that combines differents niche in one blog. An entertainment blog that also discusses technology and gadgets is no longer a niche blog since it combines entertainment and technology. They are classified as general blogs or multiple niche blogs.

Niche Blog

Topical Niche blogs are those blog that focusses on one thing, and one thing only. They are blogs with a one-track mind, having one purpose, and one goal. For instance, any blog writing and sharing information about blogging, web tools, Webhosting, and social media tips will never discuss about celebrities who gave birth in London or the best 2020 smartphones, etc.

I hope you fully understand what niche blogging is all about and if you wish to know which one makes money most I will say it depends on your experience. Multiple niche blog is easy to run since you can write in different topics while niche blog focusses in one thing but attract targeted audience interested in the same thing and can make more money than a general blog.

Why Blogging and digital marketing niche not for newbies

Well, this is the main reason why we are here, all the explanation above is to help newbies to understand what we are discussing in this page but now I am going to explain a few reasons why a newbie shouldn't start a blog on blogging niche. Firstly, Why are they even interested in creating a blog that will be discussing about blogging since they don't know anything about blogging. I guess I know why and I will explain that later before the end of this post.

* You can't teach what you don't know

It's okay if you think you can research and write an awesome post about blogging and how to start blogging after all a friends said he started on blogging niche as a beginner and are doing well but let face the reality. As a blogger you are a role model to your followers, people will like to be like you or do the things you are doing and probably wish to make money like you.

What are you going to be teaching your audience when you are still learning how to install a Wordpress plugin, learning and sharing what someone else says about blogging is surely not the way forward. You need to have good experience of what you are talking about before you can think of teaching others.

Imagine when you are teaching new bloggers how to get more visitors to their site and yet your website has no Alexa ranking data, how are you going to convenience them to trust you. How can you tell what works in blogging while you have no idea, that is why you shouldn't go for blogging and online digital marketing without having the basic knowledge and some evidence of achievement.

It will be an injustice to teach your visitors what you just read from other blogs even if it's a piece of wrong information. Not everything you see on the internet is true sometimes bloggers will tell you what you wanted to hear to achieve whatever goal they wish to achieve. As a newbie, you cannot differentiate right and wrong which means there is every tendency of deceiving your followers.

* You will easily run out of ideas

Writing what you know is easier than writing what you don't know, if you are a content writer you will know how easy it can be writing on a topic you are very familiar with but when you are asked to write on a topic you don't know it might take you some minutes to think on how to get started. Even if you are good at rewriting content based on what others are saying, how long do you think you can continue doing that?

Hundreds of blogs are being launched daily and hundreds of them are going offline simply because they have no idea how to grow their blog or don't know what else to write about. Some bloggers also quit blogging because the money they expected to come is not showing any sign of coming anytime soon.

* You are going to make some avoidable mistakes

Most of the people we see today as Professional bloggers making thousands of dollars every month have dedicated all of their time working on their blogs for more than 10 years. You can't just know how things work in blogging from the very beginning. When I started blogging in 2012 I know nothing and trust me teaching others how to blog at that point will be a bad idea.

I started by searching certain words on Google like what is Webhosting, how can I start a blog simply because I know nothing about blogging but I saw somewhere on the internet that you need a Webhosting to create a website. I made lots of mistakes including deleting my website and asking my Webhosting provider to help me restore my old backup. The time I could have spent learning how to write good content, I spent it learning how to design a website and searching for free blog templates.

I made a lot of mistakes and if I am to start a new blog, I will do something different because I have gained some experience and If I decide to go for blogging and digital marketing niche, I will do well because I have a lot to share with my audience. I might not even do any research because what I have learned over the years is already stored in my brain. Finally, I am strongly opposing the idea of building a blog on blogging niche without experience.

Why Blogging and digital marketing niche is the desire of new bloggers

I asked this question above, why would people with no knowledge of blogging be teaching others how to blog, such Niche should only be considered when you have gained the necessary blogging experience but below are the reason new bloggers desire to start blogging about how to blog, Webhosting, social media, blogging tools and tricks, etc.

* They wish to be like their masters

When I started blogging newly there are few Pro bloggers that I look up to even up till now, I have people I subscribed to their newsletter just to read every post they publish because I want to know what they are doing and learn how they are doing it. Some bloggers will write and make everything looks so easy but it's not easy.

When you follow them to an extent you will be familiar with everything they are teaching and the idea of starting your own will pop up in your mind. However, you don't rely on what people say you put it in to test to be sure it works before you can proudly teach others.

* They are attracted by big pay cheques.

No doubt there is a lot of money in this niche if you are hardworking and knows what you are doing, I have been following some Indian guys who share their monthly income generated from their blog and trust me I have seen some of them making $60,000 per month. Wow! if you convert such amount in Nigerian Naira at 380 per $1 you will have  22.8 million Naira, when you see something like that you will be tempted to follow their footsteps. Who wouldn't desire to make $60,000 per month?

Well, for them to reach such height they have invested thousands of dollars, Invested more than 10 years learning and doing things the right way. Their income mostly comes from affiliate marketing, some web hosting providers can pay up to 100% interest when you refer customers to them. There are some blogging tools to market and earn lots of money and some also have blogging courses they sell to make money.

What niche is good for me

I know you might be interested to know the niche that you should be working on since it's not recommended to start blogging on blogging niche which involves teaching others how to blog without having the required knowledge.

There are hundreds of useful information on the internet that will help you choose the best niche but you must be sure you start something you are already familiar with, your passion matters a lot because blogging is a long journey that will not end soon accept you are preparing to quit at the long run.


You can start any niche that pleases you but the key to success is hard working, consistency, and dedication, A hardworking blogger who determines to succeed will surely succeed but you must be ready to learn to do things the right way. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything you still don't understand.


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