Ria Money Transfer Tracking Guide (How to Send & Receive money)


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You can conveniently send and track any money sent through the Ria money transfer platform in seconds, all it requires is an Order number, PIN, or reference number. If you have gotten some money from someone and wish to track it,  then its a lot easier with Ria.

What Is Ria

You are not wrong If the name Ria doesn't sound familiar to you I used to see the name everywhere but never knew what it is or what it represents, so you are not alone. However, Ria is a money transfer company established in 1987, they first started in New York City as a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc.

Initially, they started small and not as big as other popular money transfer platforms in the world but presently Ria is the world's third-largest money transfer services provider. They are covering more than 313,000 locations in 144 countries including Nigeria. Their headquarter is currently located in California and have up to 2,000 people in their payroll.

What you can do with Ria

Ria is a platform designed to help you send and receive money from anywhere securely, conveniently, and faster than any other money transfer platform. However, they have some unique features when compared to Paypal, Pioneer, Western Union, and Money gram.

With Ria money transfer, you can send and receive money directly to your local bank account from any country. Receiving money from countries like USA, UK, Italy and other developed countries take just a few minutes to land into your local bank account. Based on personal experience I have used Ria to receive money into my Gtbank and Ecobank account but Ecobank seems to be faster then Gtbank but never takes up to 24 hours though.

Interestingly, Money sent through Ria Money Transfer can either be received directly to a local bank account and as well be cleared from the bank using the order number, PIN, or reference number from the sender. Below are reasons why Ria is getting popular and preferred by many.

Ria Money Transfer Key Features

  • Ria Money Transfer is faster and convenient
  • 100% Secure and affordable compared to other platforms
  • Supports direct local bank transfers
  • Available in 350,000+ locations in 149 countries worldwide
  • Support easing transfer tracking
  • $10 Amazon gift card welcome bonus when you send money for the first time

How to track Ria Money Transfer

The main reason for this post is to guide you on how to send and track the money sent through the Ria Money Transfer platform. The good news is that it's easier than you think to send and track money sent to someone or the one sent to you by someone as long as you have any of these (Order number, PIN, or reference number)

Thanks to Ria for providing an easy to use online tracking portal that helps users track their money with ease. If you have sent money to someone or expecting to receive money from someone through Ria. Follow these simple steps below to track the transfer right now.

Note: Before we start the process you must have any of these "Order number, PIN, or reference number" that's what is required to track any money sent through Ria.


Visit Ria online money transfer tracking portal at here. Insert the order number, PIN, or reference number you have with you and hit on the search button. Once you are done, everything you need to know about your transfer will be displayed.

You will be able to find out whether your transfer has been processed and successfully deposited into the receiver's account or still in progress. If you are the receiver you can as well be able to see the details of the money sent to you as long as you have the order number, PIN, or reference number sent to you by the sender.

How to Send money using Ria Money Transfer

It's okay if you have heard so much about Ria and wish to give it a trial well that's a good decision because they are currently one of the best platforms for sending and receiving money around the world. However, Ria transfer makes life easier as they eliminate the stress and excessive transfer charges by other platforms.

Do you know you only pay a 1% service charge, for example sending $500 from the USA only attracts $5 making it a total of 505 dollars. Though rate and fees may vary between transactions done on riamoneytransfer.com and Ria agent locations

There are 2 methods on how you can send money using Ria:

1. Online Ria Money Transfer
2. Offline Ria Money Transfer

Online Ria Money Transfer

To send money through Ria online you must register on their online portal here and proceed to send money option or go to their online price calculator to fill your details such as:

  • Destination: Indicate the country you are sending money to
  • Payout Currency: Decide whether the money will be received Dollar, Naira, Euro or Pounds
  • Enter Amount: This option allows you to enter the amount you would like to transfer between $1 - $500
  • How will you pay: You can choose to pay cash to Ria agents, Bank deposit, Credit or Debit
  • How will they receive the money: Help Ria know how you want the receiver to receive the money

Once every option is selected, you will see other details like fee, the total amount that will be received, and the total cost (Amount to be sent + service fee).

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Offline Ria Money Transfer

Ria covers hundreds of countries and thousands of cities across the globe, You can find Ria agents in every location across every developed countries and city. If you are not interested in the online transfer process then you can transfer through Ria Agents.

To send money through Ria agent, walk straight to them and provide the required details like the country you are sending money to, Amount, the receivers account details, currency, etc.

How to receive money with Ria

You might be wondering if there is any special method on how to receive money through Ria money transfer platform but you don't need to worry, it's not a stressful process. When you send money through Ria to someone else in another country, they can receive it directly to their local bank accounts and can as well be picked up from any nearby Ria spot. There are few countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru that enjoy courier delivery service which allows the recipient to collect the money at home or working places.

You might receive your money directly to your bank without doing anything while some require clarifications before the money can be withdrawn. In such a case, the recipient will need the PIN given to you, and a valid ID that contains the name that matches the one on the money transfer document to be able to take the money.

Also, Ria partnered with PayNearMe to even make transferring money easier. To use PayNearMe you simply need to create a transfer order online and pay with cash at any of 7-Eleven locations close to you. PayNearMe is also the best solution and answer to those who don't have an active bank account, credit/debit card, or people who don’t like online payments.

How to send money with PayNearMe (7-Seven)

follow these steps below:

  • Make your money transfer request online
  • Select “Cash Powered by PayNearMe” payment method
  • Go to a 7-Eleven location near you and present your PayNearMe barcode and cash
  • Make the payment

Ria Customer Service

If you face any challenges I will sot hear from the horse's mouth then Ria’s customer service is available by phone call, email, and chats from Mondays to Fridays between 5 AM and 6 PM PST and 6 AM – GPM PST on Saturdays and Sundays.

Email: CustomerService@RiaMoneyTransfer.com

Call: +1-(877) 443-1399 (Toll-free in the U.S.)

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I hope you have gotten the information you seek but if you are still not satisfied you can use the comment option below to ask any questions about Ria. Alternatively, you can check Ria frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers here

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