How to Change Your Airtel Wi-Fi, MIFI Password: Step-by-Step Guide


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It's easy to change your Airtel WIFI or MIFI password, and if you don't know how then I will help you. Moreover, changing the default password on your Airtel Wi-Fi/MIFI  wireless modem adds an additional layer of security, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining your online privacy. In this blog post, I will guide you through changing your Airtel Wi-Fi password step-by-step.

Step 1: Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network

Make sure your device is connected to your Airtel Wi-Fi network. You can connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Step 2: Access the Router's Admin Panel

Open a web browser on your device and enter the IP address for your Airtel router in the address bar. The typical IP address is or Press Enter to load the router's admin panel.

The address of your WIFI modem might be different from the one above, the best way to locate your Airtel WIFI web address is through the manual or the pack of the modern.

Step 3: Enter Login Credentials

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the default username and password provided by Airtel. Commonly used default credentials are:
- Username: admin
- Password: admin/password

If you have changed these login details previously and have forgotten them, you may need to reset your router to its factory settings. Refer to the user manual or contact Airtel support for assistance.

Step 4: Navigate to the Wireless Settings

Once logged in, look for the Wireless or Wi-Fi tab in the admin panel interface. Click on it to access the Wi-Fi settings.

Step 5: Change the Password

Locate the field labeled "Password," "Wireless Password," or similar. Enter your new desired password in this field. It is crucial to choose a strong and unique password to enhance security. A strong password typically contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Step 6: Save and Apply the Changes

After entering the new password, find the "Save" or "Apply" button on the page. Click on it to save the changes made to your Airtel Wi-Fi network settings.

Step 7: Reconnect to the Wi-Fi Network

Once the changes are saved, you will be disconnected from the network. Reconnect to the network using the new password on all your connected devices.

Finally, changing your Airtel Wi-Fi password helps protect your network from unauthorized access, ensuring the security and privacy of your online activities. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can take charge of your network security and enjoy a worry-free browsing experience.

Remember to keep your new password safe and consider changing it periodically to maintain optimum security levels.

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