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Posted on: November 26, 2015, 12:28:16 PM
this issue of being married in school, single at home have become a cankerworm in our higher institutions
before I continue,I will like to explain the meaning of marriage. marriage as we know from our primary school as a LEGAL union of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. but it seems that we no longer understand that word LEGAL, for a marriage to be legal it have to fulfill the following (1) a proper awareness of the two families involved 2 a traditional marriage and finally a Christian marriage where a priest or pastor by the power of God in the presence of the public pronounce the two husband and wife.
but today our girls live with their sin mate in the name of being in love and engaged, an engagement known to only them.THUS WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE CAUSES OF THIS INSANITY -1) immaturity and lack of understanding- Owing to the fact that girls tends to grow rapidly above their age ,the forgot that they only growed  in appearance but not in reasoning and maturity thus are easily deceived, in the part of lack of understanding, one who understood the need to guide his/her future will not do anything that will jeopardize it. now a guy and a girl living together outside wedlock is at risk of jeopardizing their future either as a result of unwanted pregnant and poor academic performance as a result of lack of concentration in their studies.
second reason is poverty and foolishness - yes, believe me some people enter into it because of poverty so that the other partner can take care of his/her needs. you willyou will see a girl from poor family background ,instead of her to manage the little she have, she will decide to live in luxury by living with a guy.
WHAT THEN ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF IT .believe me there is life after school, a life where your past will either haunt you or help you, whatever act you are known with in school will follow you even outside school, our girls and guys have forgotten that before marriage ,the families do secret enquires of the person they want to marry. my question then is, WHATIF FAMILIES FOUND OUT ABOUT YOUR PAST DURING ENQUIRY?,DO YOU THINK YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE?,EVEN THOUGH YOU DID, DO YOU THINK THE TRUST IS STILL THERE?,WHAT IF YOU BECOME A SINGLE PARENT AT A TENDER AGE?,WHAT IF YOU LOSE YOUR WOMB AS A RESULT OF CONTRACEPTIVE AND ABORTION?. this relationship do not end well, it normally end when one or both of the two parties have nothing to hold up to such having wasted many years or having aborted many times the end TO MAKE MISTAKE IS EASY BUT TO AMEND IS DIFFICULT


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