5 Annoying things you should not be doing on Whatsapp


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5 Annoying things you should not be doing on Whatsapp
Posted on: March 08, 2017, 01:20:59 AM
Whatsapp has been the best social communication mobile application that enables us to chat, make free calls and share media files and documents.

98% of smartphone users has WhatsApp on their phones and even on their laptops, before buying a smartphone the first question many ask is can it do WhatsApp.

I love using WhatsApp and i know you like it too but i want to use this opportunity to tell you some annoying things you might be doing on WhatsApp that you should stop dong right now.

1. Adding someone to your WhatsApp group without notice
You might have an interesting Whatsapp group that you wish to add all your contacts but before you do try to inform that person and explain more about what the group is all about, it will help you know those who are interested in your group, if you insist on forcing people to your group they will still leave the group and block your from adding them again.

2. Sharing False information
Whatsapp is the best when it comes to spreading information all over the world but we should be mindful of what we share and not for sharing sake.

Some people can destroy the image of their competitor's product by forcing others to believe that if you take this will do this and that though some can be true but try to verify the authenticity of any news before you share to others.

3. Excessive Promotion

I personally block many people on my Whatsapp because of their promotional habits imagine when someone that had never say hi, hello started sending your links and unnecessary news that you don't need what you will do is to block such a person since he/she is not interested to know you but to promote their business and services.

4. The use of coercion/compulsion
How do you feel when someone sent you a text probably about God's wonderful doings and miracles and tells you to share it to 10 people to live or ignore to die or share to 20 people if you are this or ignore to be that.

I personally hate such things because this is a free world you should share because you feel like not that you are forced to share just to live or to see the magic because you shared something on Whatsapp, if you are sending such message to people please stop it.

5. Bad manner of approach

Some of us were blocked by someone because we lacked manner of approach, we should learn how to communicated and discuss politely with each other to make the world a better place.

Last time i blocked someone because he told me to go to hell because i told him the simple truth but guess what i blocked him because he has no right to use such word on me.

Finally, Whatsapp makes communication between family and friends easier and convenient so use it wisely

If you have any question or contributions regarding this 5 Annoying things you should not be doing on Whatsapp kindly use the comment reply option below and don't forget to register to join the conversion.

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