10 bad Things women do you must know for your own good


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10 bad Things women do you must know for your own good
Posted on: July 05, 2017, 01:12:39 AM
Strange things are really happening day by day but the most surprising thing is that some women are so lazy that their belief is to use what they have to get what they want forgetting how valued and worth of that which they have, these days you hardly see girls working hard to succeed after all that is the need of suffering while I can enjoy myself and as well get paid after the enjoyment.

Let's not forget this article is actually about 10 Bad Things women do you must know for your own good and I want to use this opportunity to tell most women the things they should know and as well warn men on women's tactics when they want to play game for their own selfish interest.

If you are a woman reading this don't feel bias but let the truth be told, though no matter what men are not better than women when it comes to games and cheating but I just want to talk about women today maybe I will still tell you more about men in a few days.

10 bad Things women do you must know for your own good
Now without wasting much of our time below are the 10 bad Things women do you must know for your own good and if they are not true then feel free to oppose it.

1. Just a Friend
Women always pretend and told you that he is just a friend and yet she had already opened her legs more then one's for him and even open it to other unknown men and yet she pretends to be a saint and responsible, beware of such girls that always tells you he is just a friend and nothing serious because they have already eaten the fruit Adam and Eve eat many times and even preparing to meet tonight.

2. Fake  I Love
She has more than 5 boyfriends and yet she claims that she loves you so much just to get your money and once she is true with you or noticed that you are stingy then expect I hate you from her.

Women have more friends for different reasons which might be when A is not available B will be available, when C said I don't have money D might have received his salary or E is a good guy but F does it better than E and enjoy F more.

3. I can't Date a married men and yet you date their money
Many girls vowed not to have anything to do with married men and yet they are interested in their money to help them forget that since his A is dedicated to his wife then the B should equally be dedicated to his wife and his family.

A man needs money to take care of his family and equally needs to invest for the well-being of his family and his children's feature and yet you want him to be Father Christmas that will affect his children tomorrow.

4. No Money No Love

Surprisingly I have seen a marriage that breaks because of money and if such thing can happen in a marriage then in friendship it's no longer a big deal because some women only said yes because they believe you have a lot to offer but if you suddenly lost your job then that will be the end of the road for the relationship.

5. Special love, thanks, and Kisses when you solve their problem
Many women will show special appreciation once you have given them what they want but outside of that don't really care about your or even love you at all.

6. Pretend to love just to get the money

I have seen where a lady pretends to love one guy, in few weeks time she requested for some money and after the guy gave her the money no love or calls again because she has gotten what she wanted.

7. Send me credit list of friends
Some girls have the contact list on their phone that provides the call credit that they usually use to call their special one's and show them that they love them so much while the mugu's provides the credit.

She only calls you to ask you to send credit for her and once she gets it no calls or hello again until she needs another credit, beware of such women before you render yourself useless all in the name of helping your girlfriends.

8. She is your number 1 but you are not in her list of friends
You are so much in love with her that the love has made you blind and unable to see that you are just mugu 1 and nothing more, she is already in love and yet she pretends until the wedding invitation card with her special lover is ready.

9. You are training her in school and to marry her while she already married

As a man, I don't know how you thin or what you believe but training a girl you want to marry who is not yet your wife in school is really big risk and dangerous because before you know it an invitation card will be sent to you.

I have seen a man who killed himself because of this type of thing and you should know that sending a girl to a university will expose her to more handsome, educated and richer men than you.

10. You pay the bills while others clean the house
Finally some men will be foolish to spend all they have on a girl that doesn't value them or want to have anything with them, they should collect their salary where they work but if you are not careful you will be paying the bills for them while others who you are even better than will be doing the cleaning of the house.

Many Men I having big issues in their family because of the games the play, you are satisfying your so called girlfriend financially, emotionally and sexually while you can't even pay your child school fees or even provide money for foods and your wife is seeking for your attention like an American visa, be wise and don't become their mugu.

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