Why Nigerian Bloggers don't make money from Amazon


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Why Nigerian Bloggers don't make money from Amazon
Posted on: July 05, 2018, 01:04:30 AM
Many Nigerians including me struggle to make extra cash from the world most popular online shopping mall Amazon through their affiliate marketing platform and if you are in such situation then this post is for you.

I will be explaining:

⇒ Why you can't make money from Amazon.
⇒ How you can start making money from Amazon
⇒ How to build a site specifically for Amazon Affiliate

Now you know what this post is all about so let get started but before then, do you know that there some people making between $1000 - $10,000 and more on a monthly basis from Amazon?

In Nigeria, 98% of bloggers only depends on Adsense or better still Jumia/Konga affiliate to make money online but trust me we will keep struggling year to year if we don't learn and try something new.

I wouldn't mind sharing my little secret because I want you to succeed as a Nigerian blogger because Indian guys that are earning up to $100k on a monthly basis is not better than you just that we really need to think differently and do things differently instead of depending on google or those next to nothing Nigerian base affiliate network that pays peanuts.

If I knew better years ago when I start my blogging career it would have been better for me but I have started doing things in a different way these days and I think you should do the same.

⇒ Why you can't make money from Amazon

I have tried Amazon and still find it hard making sales but I guess I know why I can't easily market and sell Amazon product and the first reason is that my main visitors comes from Nigeria and 80% of Nigerians don't buy anything online because they don't trust themselves talk more of trusting an online e-commerce shopping mall.

If 80% of your website visitors come from Nigeria or some other countries that lacks online purchasing power then you will find it hard making money through affiliate marketing and not just form Amazon.

How to find where your website visitors are coming from

Finding where your website visitors are coming from is simple and as well not new to bloggers but if you are new you can use Google Analytics or Alexa to get such information

If your website visitors basically comes from Nigeria then you are left with limited options, stick to Adsense or run direct ads if your website is so popular or finally patronize Nigerian affiliate marketing but if you want something more then you need to do things differently this time.

How you can start making money from Amazon

If you really need to make money from Amazon then think on how to attract visitors from USA, UK and other developed countries that regularly shop and buys things from Amazon.

Not sure how to attract visitors from USA, UK etc

To attract visitors from other countries you need to write content designed to provide them the information they seek and as well solve their problems and the best way to do that is to find out what they are looking for, that is where keyword research plays an important role.


Do you remember back in the days when we used to share free browsing cheat that always attract lots of Nigerians who are looking for a way to browse freely on their smartphones and computers

We attracted many Nigerian visitors because they are searching for free browsing cheat so you need to do the same for other countries, find out what they need and provide it for them, in no time they will come knocking.

How to build a site specifically for Amazon Affiliate

Let me tell you, Google doesn't hate affiliate marketing or affiliate sites but what they hate is those affiliate sites that provide little to no value to their users but filled their site with affiliate links.

If I am to start a new blog specifically for Amazon or other affiliate programs the first thing I will think about is the type of niche and audience I need and how to attract them.

You can create a good review website where you will be providing an in-depth review of product and services and later show them the right place to buy such product by adding your affiliate link that will give you few $$ if they decide to buy the product.

This system worked for many and still working but requires lots of work because your review must be unique and well organized that your audience will love to go through it and trust your judgment.

You might not necessarily create a review website but good profitable niche blog where you will be providing a helpful guide to your audience and as well show them some related product and services they might be interested to buy.

There are many helpful articles online on how you can start a profitable niche blog or an Amazon profitable website, so do yourself a favor to research more before getting started.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this guide and if you still need more help or have some question to ask then use the comment option below and I will be glad to help in any possible way that I can.


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