Cheapest Cable Satellite Tv Decoders In Nigeria, best Free to Air Receivers


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Price plays an important role in every aspect of technology. How expensive or how cheap the price of a commodity is, greatly matters. Shares in the stock market are priced to the lowest kobo!

The reason isn't a mystery - the rates at which a product sells establishes the price of all other variants of the product would be sold. To the satellite investor, any slight decrease in price might lead to loss as not one of the products is sold nationwide. A decrease in price is however welcomed by the consumers - it makes way for other commodities to be bought. A decreased price increases the number of subscribers and vice versa.

Aside from all these reasons, Nigerians of today are much in love with cheap valuable products in the market. And the cable tv investors seem to dance to their tunes as the prices of their hardware keep decreasing even as the country is recovering from the recession. Getting a cable tv decoder to your house is quite cheap. One similarity across brands is that they all seem to be in the same price range. You might need to pay more though if you need the service of an installer( this is recommended).

List of cable/satellite tv decoders in Nigeria

Below are the reviewed prices of cable tv decoders in the country. Their prices might deflect over time but it might not be too far from this range.

MyTv Decoder Price

Mytv owes much of it's popularity to its 'strong' decoder. It's made for multi tasks including free-to-air access. Its installation is a bit complex with many saying they are certainly out of business.

MyTv decoder price is within the range of ₦7,000 – ₦9,500.

Startimes decoder price

Startimes uses both DTT(digital terrestrial television) and DTH(satellite television) to broadcast. It is owned by a chinese company. The brand had formerly used antennas(DTT) but combed up two package - one for it's terrestrial tv package and the other for it's satellite tv package.

The satellite package was initiated to reach more subscribers. The costs of their accessories are:

  • ₹ 10m External Antenna –  ₦1,900
    ₹ StarTimes SD Decoder – ₦4,500
    ₹ SD DTT decoder plus Antenna – ₦5,900
    ₹ ST DTH (Satellite Television) S2 Decoder – ₦7,900
    ₹ ST DTH S2 Decoder with dish and accessories – ₦11,900.
    ₹ Combo Decoder [supports both the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Service and the Satellite Television (DTH) Service - ₦5,900
    ₹ StarTimes Light HD DVB T2 Decoder - ₦7, 500 Naira.

GoTv decoder price

Gotv is another powerful DTT broadcast cable tv. It is owned by Multichoice africa which unsurprisingly also owns DSTV. This cable tv was brought to fill up the gaps left by Dstv which is a premium cable tv.

Due to the high cost of DSTV subscription with the economic down turn, Multichoice introduced Gotv to entertain subscribers who prefered quantity than quality. the cable TV's subscription is cheap and so is it's decoder.

The price of Gotv decoder is between ₦6,500 - ₦9,500.

DSTV decoder price

Dstv is inarguably the king of cable tv in Nigeria. It uses satellite broadcast method making for a crystal clear HD picture.

The cable tv has two type of decoder: The HD decoder and the newly introduced Explora decoder.

DSTV HD decoder price

The HD decoder is the cheapest of the two DSTV's decoders. It's price are:

  • ₹ HD + Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription - ₦11,900.
    ₹ HD with Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription - ₦15,750.
    ₹ HD with Dish Kit & 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription - ₦20,900.

Dstv explora decoder

The DSTV explora is different from any other cable tv decoder. It's stand-out features include: Pause, resume & rewind features, recording up to 220 hours, internet access & downloading.

Dstv expolora prices include:

  • ₹ Explora with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription - ₦52,100 .
    ₹ Explora with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription - ₦55,950 .
    ₹ Explora Decoder with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription - ₦61,100

Cheapest paytv decoder in nigeria

The list above clearly show the different prices of decoders in the country at the moment. They all stand out to be cheap. The only decision left to make is yours personally as individual differences comes into play. You might want to read on the cheapest paytv subscription in nigeria as well to strenghten any of your stand!

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