5 Strange things and unanswered questions about coronavirus


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5 Strange things and unanswered questions about coronavirus
Posted on: April 05, 2020, 04:25:47 AM
It's a matter of time and everything will be over and I pray that we will all live to tell the story sooner or later. I have been closer to my television more than ever to monitor the fight against the COVID 19 Pandemic and I must say that the entire world is going through health and economic crises. However, there are few things I am yet to understand about coronavirus which is the reason why we are on this page.

1. The origin of coronavirus

One of the questions people ask and desire to know the right answer is what brings coronavirus to the world, I have been asking the same question but you hardly find one specific answer rather than speculations without solid evidence. The world was made to believe that the disease is originated through the consumption of bats and pangolins.

The question that remained unanswered is whether the COVID 19 is a result of consuming these animals or not but there are other speculations that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory. Presently no evidence clearly shows that coronavirus came from bats and pangolins but when all this is over, there will be questions and findings regarding the origin of coronavirus.

2. Coronavirus has no vaccine and no cure yet

It's strange that to date no vaccine has been found for coronavirus and we are made to believe that there is no cure for it and yet more than 246,615 of coronavirus infected patients have fully recovered while more than 64,000 people have lost their lives worldwide.

The question that left unanswered is, all these people recovering from the virus, is it by miracle since we have been told that coronavirus has no cure, how come people are recovering from the virus. Take HIV for instance, it can be sustained but not cured completely. If people are recovering from this virus then we deserve to know the process and explanation of what they did and what proved effective in curing the virus.

[3. 5G network connected to coronavirus

The new trend now is that the fifth-generation network (5G) is somehow connected to coronavirus and I have personally seen some of the arguments on Facebook whether 5G has anything to do with coronavirus or not. however, the speculation attracted the attention of the Nigerian minister of Communications and Digital Economy, who responded through his spokesperson Mrs. Uwa Suleiman saying that he was worried by the public concern about the health implications of the deployment of the Fifth Generation Mobile Networks (5G) in Nigeria and affirmed that the National Frequency Management Council (NFMC), of which he is the chairman had not deliberated on or released any bulk frequency spectrum for the deployment of 5G in Nigeria.

However, The Uk National Health Service (NHS) medical director tagged the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory as disgusting fake nonsense. looking at other angles 5G network have been existing in most countries before the coronavirus outbreak and yes there are some arguments and health concerns about the 5G mobile network that made some countries reject the new technology. But there is no evidence that 5G has any connection with coronavirus.

4. More death in other countries than China

Are you not surprised that countries like the USA, Italy, and Spain have recorded more death than coronavirus host country China?. Well, that's really strange and even more interesting seeing them aiding other countries with the fight against COVID 19 which came from their country.

In Italy, more than 13,000 people lost their lives already and more than 10,000 in America and Spain but guess what, the last time I checked China only lost 3000 plus. Can someone explain how it happened, does it mean they have all the mechanism in place to protect themselves against the virus more than Italy, USA, Spain, and the rest of other countries with more complicated situation.

5. Nigerian Government sharing money and foodstuffs

Some Nigerian billionaires including commercial banks have donated billions of naira to support the fight against coronavirus, however, the federal government has also mapped out billions of naira on their own to fight and stop the spread of coronavirus.
A few days ago, some governors in collaboration with the Nigerian federal government asked everyone to abandon their businesses and stay at home to prevent further spread of coronavirus. Following the lockdown order by the federal government, Nigerians were expecting more, and the speculation all over the country is that the Government will support the lockdown order with money and foodstuffs.

However, there is a provision made to help the poor with some money and foods but the question is, what criteria are they using to share the money or foodstuffs and who are they sharing it to?. Some people also said that everything is been shared with the northerners. which I don't know how true it is but I followed a thread in one of the Nigerian biggest online forum and also on Facebook asking for people who have actually received anything from Federal Government but no one indicated to have gotten anything which is strange.

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Feel free to air your views and always stay safe.
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