Covid 19 Relief Package in Nigeria, Have you gotten yours?

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Covid 19 Relief Package in Nigeria, Have you gotten yours?
Posted on: April 14, 2020, 08:23:35 AM
The sharing of the COVID 19 Relief package is more like a Nollywood movie and Radio station that we watch and listen to especially to people like me. I have heard and saw the sharing of money, rice, and other food items to people but never seen anything like that neither do I see any friends or friends of my friends who have benefited from the Federal Government relief package. The federal government has already claimed to have shared billions of naira in cash to poor Nigerians.

However, am not doubting or denying that the Nigerian Federal Government is not sharing any relief package to certain community or individuals they believe that qualified to receive the package but the criteria they are using to determine who is eligible for the relief package is what I don't have an idea of.

Most of the states in Nigeria have been on lockdown for up to 2 weeks following the directive of world health Organization (WHO) as a measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. The lockdown is not just in Nigeria but the rest of the world especially countries like Italy, the USA, the UK, Spain, and France, etc.

The reality is that even an average Nigerian who can comfortably feed on a normal situation might no longer be able to feed why? Because their business has been shut down for weeks now and nobody cares how they succeed.

The truth is, in Nigeria 80% of the people are poor while the remaining 20% might be rich and can comfortably cope with 2 weeks or even 1-month lockdown but what about those pure water sellers, drivers, businessmen and women who depend on their daily business to eat.

Lockdown to be extended to 2 weeks more

The news of extending the lockdown to 2 weeks more has not only become news but a nightmare that might kill more Nigerians more than the virus itself. Honestly, the lockdown call is not a bad idea because it's for our own good but the way the Nigerian federal government is handling it is wrong. You can't ask people to stay at home without any provision on what they will eat, no food, no electricity, some angry Nigerians have tagged the situation (hunger 20). That is to say that Nigerians are not only battling for COVID 19 but also HUNGER 20 and if things are not handled carefully the HUNGER 20 wi kill more than the COVID 19.

It's now official that the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has extended the lockdown in Lagos State, Ogun and Abuja to 14 days more (2 weeks) expected to end on April Monday 27th midnight. However, there is every possibility that other states will still follow the same lockdown rules soon, Ekiti Stata has already announced the 14 days extension while Gombe also extends stay at home order for Civil Servants for levels 1-12. Expect the same from other states as usual.

Moreover, extending the lockdown to 14 days more is not actually the main problem but the Nigerian Federal Government is following the footstep of other developed countries forgetting that those countries are far better than them, a country that cares more for their citizens and will do whatever necessary to see their country and it's citizens back on their feet, not Nigeria where every tragedy becomes an opportunity and business for certain people.

I wonder what the Nigerian federal government is doing with all the billions of naira and dollars that I have been hearing that they borrowed and the one some Nigerian billionaires donated.

Impossible to pay all citizens with BVN N20,000 each

Many suggested that the federal government should at least fund each Nigerian citizen's account with N20,000. But such demands seem impossible especially in a country like Nigeria because they are really in for business and not actually to help individuals, I might be wrong for saying this but that's what it seems and my opinion is not far from that of other millions of Nigerians.

BVN, represent bank verification number, the good news is that whether you have 5 different account number from a different bank you can only have one BVN which makes it easier. Some other questions people ask is how to take care of people who don't have an account number or BVN?

Well, everything is possible I believe that at least 70% Nigerians use bank and have BVN, the remaining 30% can as well be taken care of since a fingerprint scanner can easily detect whether someone owns a BVN or not.

Now to avoid paying into the rich people's account a simple software can be used to trash out any account or BVN linked to people or persons with up to 1 million in their account balance and then anybody with less than 1 million is eligible to receive the relief cash package. This is a simple example because there is always a better way to do this if actually they are willing to help but I doubt it.

Ugly news headlines since Lockdown

I like it when I heard the president saying that the lockdown extension was a hard decision to make while addressing the Nation on 13th April 2020. The first 14 days lockdown was never an easy decision and neither the 14 extensions. Things will become harder than it is already if drastic action is not taken and if you doubt it then you need to check out these news headlines within the past 14 days of lockdown.

Don Jazzy Gifts N100k To Hungry Old Woman Who Offered To Sleep With Any Man For N500
An elderly Nigerian woman is spotted in a viral video saying that she is ready to sleep with any man that will give her N500 because she is hungry.

In as much as this might sound strange or funny to some people, the truth is that some women can go the extra mile to feed their children or should I say to get what they want, however, you might blame her or use any word of your choice to describe her but the obvious truth is that the 14 days lockdown has gotten to her, she might depend on pure water Hawking business with her children to eat which isn't possible now.

Reactions As Armed Robbers Raid Parts Of Lagos
In the wake of the lockdown enforced by the federal government of Nigeria in some parts of the country, there have been reports of armed attacks in some parts of Lagos and Ogun states.

Well, a report shows that armed robbers raided some parts of Lagos mostly Agege in search of foods and money but it's funny because no one is exempted from this situation we are all feeling the heat and we are in it together. Moreover, armed robberies not new in Nigeria neither am I saying that they have the right to steal because the federal government imposed a 14days lockdown on them but hunger can fuel such action.

In a viral video, Abuja driver complains of hunger, strips to resist arrest
Watch this video to see for yourself because seeing is believing (Best viewed on Chrome)

Lockdown: Man Jumps From Onitsha Flyover In Suicide Attempt
A middle-aged man narrowly escaped death on Saturday after falling off from Upper Iweka Fly Overbridge, Onitsha, Anambra state

Some said that the man wanted to end his life because of the total lockdown announced by the state government while some claims that the man missed steps and fall down from the flyover at Upper Iweka. Whatever the case, more bad news is surely going to surface if the Nigerian federal government fails to ease the pain of their citizens and if anyone thinks he is okay he can dash out everything he has to feel the pain some people are feeling right now.

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