Introduction to Carbon Score (learn how to increase your score)


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Carbon recently introduced a membership performance score that shows each Carbon users their score level which is based on their overall activities while using the mobile loan app. In case you don't know what I meant by Carbon, they are the No:1 mobile loan provider in Nigeria, Carbon is second to none in Nigerian when it comes to mobile loan platform.

We are going to discuss about the Carbon Score, why it matters, and how to improve your score. Some of the Carbon users have been asking different questions about the score and I want to use this medium to answer most of their questions. And yes I am in a better position to answer your questions because I have been following Carbon directly and indirectly even when they're using the name Paylater.

However, am not just following them, I am a member of the Carbon family in good standing, though I don't use them regularly to increase my score. I know almost everything about them and before we proceed, I will like to show you some of the interesting posts I have published in the past related to Carbon.

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All about Carbon Score

The carbon score shows how active and trustworthy you are and how you are being regarded based on your performance. How long you have been using the platform and how many loans you have secured and repaid on time also counts. Carbon is gradually becoming digital online banking and not just a mobile loan provider.

To see your Carbon score simply check your mail you will see a mail from them that shows your score. Carbon has 4 different levels on their activity score which is as follows.
  • Basic (Lowest Level)
  • Premium (Second level)
  • Elite (Third Level)
  • Legend (Fourth and highest level)

Benefits of Carbon Score

You must be interested to know what you stand to gain with the new Carbon score, the score will give access to more features and benefits that only users on the same level as you can enjoy. However, 3 notable benefits await you which include.

* Ability to preapproved loans for your friends: You will have the privilege to invite your friends on Carbon and ensure that their loan is approved instantly as a Carbon Legend user.

* Access to Carbon debit cards: As I said early, Carbon has simply become online digital banking and not just mobile loan provider. Carbon has been working to provide a debit card for their most trusted and active users, with the debit card you will be able to withdraw money from your Carbon wallet from any ATM. You will also be able to shop online or offline on any POS machine with your debit card.

* ₦20,000 healthcare benefit from Carbon: I am not sure how this works but Carbon recently partnered with an insurance company to ensure that their users enjoy the best health care they deserved.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you will have access to loans when you want and how you want with the option to top up your loan, a service no other mobile loan providers in Nigeria offers. To see the best of Carbon you must try to increase your score to legend level but the question is how?.

How to Increase your Carbon Score

Carbon provided tips on how you can increase your activity score in no time and if that's what you want then here are some of the things you can do to upgrade your score and see the best of Carbon

  • Send money to friends and family
  • Pay your bills on Carbon
  • Invest as low as ₦100
  • Buy airtime for yourself and friends
  • Repay your loans on time
  • Refer your friends to Carbon

In case you don't understand what you need to do, I will explain further below.

* Send money to friends and family: Carbon allows you to send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria. Sending money to your friends will increase your activities and as well your overall performance score, Interestingly, you can save money on your Carbon account and receive monthly interest up to 16% withdrawable anytime. Say no to outrageous transfer fees charged by banks and enjoy free and lower transfer fees on Carbon.

* Pay your bills on Carbon: Feel free to pay your utility bills with ease, whether its electricity bills, cable TV subscriptions or schools fees, you are fully covered. Never run out of data or airtime, its only takes a few clicks on the Carbon mobile app to recharge your phone or buy data from any network in Nigeria.

* Invest as low as ₦100: Time to invest and earn some cash, if you are saving your money in the bank and receives peanuts as interests while paying more for SMS charges and transfer fees then its time to change plan. Invest in carbon and earn more, you can start with ₦100.

* Buy airtime for yourself and friends: Carbon score is all about your activities on the platform and buying airtime and data plan for your personal use or friends will help to increase your score. Some platforms will offer you a discount when buying airtime or data but Carbon uses it to increase your membership performance score.

* Repay your loans on time: This is the most important part if you wish to remain with Carbon you must form the habit of repaying your loan when due, failure to do so will not only reduce your performance score but will as well prevent you from getting a loan from the platform and am sure you don't want that. To be on Carbon good list apply and repay your loan as agreed.

* Refer your friends to Carbon: It's only people who don't use Carbon that doesn't know the benefits and it's not good to enjoy alone leaving your family and friends behind. Inviting them to Carbon will not only increase your performance score but will as well reward you with N500 for each person you refer to Carbon.

What's New

FREE transfers, now on Carbon! ????‬⁣

‪Enjoy 30 free transfers monthly from your Carbon wallet to any Nigerian bank.‬⁣
‪Save on transfer fees and send money to friends and family for free. Don't hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you still don't understand about the Carbon Score.

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