Airtel Data Plans 2023 — Bundle Prices And Subscription Codes


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Airtel data plans 2023 are internet bundles from the Airtel telecom operator which are revised for the year 2023. These presented bundles are categorised to suit various denominations of subscribers. Their prices and values are diverse to accommodate all mobile telephone users subscribed to the network. Also included are select special bundles effective for unique purposes and occasions where they are required.

One of these special bundles are WhatsApp internet data packs. Used only to access WhatsApp messenger, these bundles provides access to the popular social media platform when there's no contemporary data bundle available on your line. These type of bundle are packed with a better value than the ordinary kind, and there's an extended validity on the former than the latter. It is reasonable to activate such plan like these if you have no other platform to access on the internet aside the one the plan is covered.

Airtel regular data plans are bundled into categories so as to satisfy the different classes of individuals under the subscription of the network provider. There are the daily plans which serves for some 24-36 hours, the daily data needs of subscribers. Also available are the monthly data bundles which are the most popular of them all — they serve a thirty days period, going in association with a month's budget.

Subscription to any of these bundles is through the operator's dedicated mobile application, mobile web portal, or through USSD code. The USSD code used to activate a bundle is listed behind each of the bundles. To make a data subscription through the operator's mobile application, search and download ‘my Airtel’ app on your device's app store. Launch it, provide the necessary details and access the subscription section to get a data plan. It's as simple as said.

Airtel daily data plans

As said above, this category of data bundles is meant to be used for a day, two days, or three. As temporary as they are, these data plans go a long way to help when the need for a quick temporal bundle is required.

These daily data bundles betters the ones from MTN, and is of less value only to Glo data plans. The bundles are as follows:

Data Plan PriceData VolumeActivation CodeValidity
N5040MB*141*50#1 day
N100100MB*141*100#1 day
N200200MB*141*200#3 days
N3001GB*141*354#1 day
N300350MB*141*300#7 day
N500750MB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*500#14 days
N5001GB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*502#7 days
N5002GB*141*504#2 days
N15006GB*141*1504#7 days

Airtel Monthly Data Plans

The Airtel monthly plan is the most popular of all data bundles given by the telecom service provider. These plans are famous due to the thirty days validity it comes with. The thirty days duration which is roughly a month aligns with a monthly budget. This then effects the spending and overall productivity each month.

Data Plan PriceData VolumeActivation CodeValidity
N1001.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*1000#30 days
N1,2002GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*1200#30 days
N1,5003GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*1500#30 days
N2,0004.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*2000#30 days
N2,5006GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*2500#30 days
N3,00010GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*3000#30 days
N4,00011GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*4000#30 days

Airtel Mega Data Plans

Mega data plans as the name suggest are bundles with hefty value of data. The data value offered with Airtel mega data plans is second only Globacom's.

Compared with the monthly and daily plans, these mega data pack renders more value and valids for a longer duration of time. Ideal for small, medium, and large scale businesses, the plan could be used with a router or modem. The following are the list of available Airtel Mega plans:

Data Plan PriceData VolumeActivation CodeValidity
N5,00020GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming*141*5000#30 days
N8,00025GB*141*8000#30 days
N10,00040GB*141*10000#30 days
N15,00075GB*141*15000#30 days
N20,000120GB*141*20000#30 days
N30,000200GB*141*30000#30 days
N36,000280GB*141*36000#30 days
N50,000400GB*141*50000#90 days
N60,000200GB*141*60000#120 days
N100,0001TB*141*100000#365 days

Airtel Social Bundles

These are data packs which provides access to only selected social media platforms. They are effective when a subscriber runs out of conventional data plan, and have need to access social media. Social bundles cannot be used to access regular websites other than the social media portals and web application it is constricted to.

Social bundles offered by Airtel are as follows:

WTF Bundles (Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook)

Subscribers to these bundles will have access to WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

  • 40MB at N50 for 1 day. Dial *991*4# to subscribe.
  • 200MB at N100 for 5 days. Dial *688*3# to subscribe.
  • 700MB at N300 for 7 days. Dial *688*1# to subscribe.

WhatsApp & Facebook Bundles

These set of bundles give access to Facebook and WhatsApp platforms.

  • 100MB at N25 for 1 day. Dial *141*254# to subscribe.
  • 200MB at N50 for 7 days. Dial *141*54# to subscribe.
  • 500MB at N100 for 30 days. Dial *141*104# to subscribe.

WhatsApp Bundles

The following plan gives access to the WhatsApp platform only. Users subscribed to the plan wouldn't be able to access other social network platform except the individual has another differing regular data plan he/she is subscribed to.

  • 20MB at N25 for 1 day. Dial *948*4# to subscribe.

Instagram Bundles

These plans give access to Instagram only.

  • 250MB at N100 for 1 day. Dial *141*105# to subscribe.
  • 1GB at N200 for 1 day. Dial *141*205# to subscribe.

Opera Mini Bundles

These plans give access to Opera mini browser and news app only. Opera Mini is one of the most widely used browser across the world due to it's data saving facility.

It should be noted that video streaming and downloads are not allowed on these bundles.

  • 25MB at N20 for 1 day. Dial *141*253# to subscribe.
  • 100MB at N50 for 7 days. Dial *141*53# to subscribe.
  • 300MB at N100 for 30 days. Dial *141*104# to subscribe.

SmartTrybe Bundle

This plan is only available to existing customers on Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 and Smart Talk 2.0

  • 1.5GB at N500 for 7 days. Dial *141*505# to subscribe.

PostPaid Bundle

These are data plans that allow postpaid customers stay connected for the rest of the month, after their monthly data bundle is exhausted.

  • 1GB at N500 valid till month end. Dial *141*11*9# to subscribe.
  • 2GB at N1,000 valid till month end. Dial *141*11*10# to subscribe.
  • 4GB at N2,000 valid till month end. Dial *141*11*11# to subscribe.
  • 10GB at N5,000 valid till month end. Dial *141*11*12# to subscribe.
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How To Check Airtel Data

To check the remaining data value in your Airtel data plan, at your convenience, dial *140#.

Airtel Pay As You Go

Airtel Pay As You Go, shortened, PAYG, is a service which allows subscribers access to the internet through their airtime balance, without a data bundle.

With Airtel PAYU, subscribers surf the net for a fee of N3/MB. To activate Airtel PAYU, dial *400#.

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